Building Power at COP23: Key Demands & Events

The Members of the Women and Gender Constituency are headed to Bonn for the COP23 Climate Negotiations. We are going with a set of strong demands:

  1. Adopt a robust gender action plan

  2. Deliver on finance

  3. Plan for real ambition via the 2018 Facilitative Dialogue

  4. Effectively address loss and damage

  5. Implement rights-based national policies

  6. Create a rights-based platform for indigenous peoples and local communities

  7. Develop rules for community consultation and consent

  8. Break free from fossil fuels

  9. Move the money

  10. Place communities over markets

  11. Listen to people, not profit

  12. Ensure climate ‘solutions’ are gender-just

  13. Promote energy democracy

  14. Protect ecological food systems

  15. Be led by ecosystem-based approaches

  16. Preserve the ocean

  17. Make fisheries and aquaculture sustainable

  18. Know that water is life

  19. Promote health, including sexual and reproductive health and rights


Download our full ‘Key Demands‘ and ‘Key Events‘ overviews below: