Gender justice must be centered in COP29 outcomes

In light of the newly formed leadership committee of COP29, the Women and Gender Constituency (WGC) released a formal letter to the Presidency – alongside several UNFCCC Constituencies and over 180 civil society organizations – demanding gender justice be centered in COP29 leadership and outcomes. The full letter can be found here and read below…. Read More

Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards – Meet the 2023 Recipients!

Sustainable and gender-just solutions to the climate crisis already exist, many of which are women-led, and must be further supported and resourced. On 5 December, at COP28, The Women & Gender Constituency and WECF were proud to announce the 2023 recipients of the Gender Just Climate Solutions (GJCS) Awards! Taking place annually during COP gatherings,… Read More

COP28 Press Release: The end of the era of fossil fuels is here, but the fight for climate justice remains

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 12 December 2023 Zukiswa White, Bridget Burns, | WhatsApp/Signal +1-914-310-3270 Gina Cortes,  Dubai, United Arab Emirates—The Women and Gender Constituency shares the following reflections on the outcomes at COP28. We foreground our work as we have in this space with a deep commitment to dismantling oppression and inequalities, bearing… Read More

WGC at COP28

All the important links and information you need to understand the WGC work at COP28! Daily Meeting –  09:00-10:00, Side Event Room 7 WGC Twitter: WGC Instagram:  WGC YouTube:   –> MENA Feminist Demands –> WGC Feminist Demands for Climate Justice Coming soon –> WGC Issue Briefs Coming soon –> WGC Submissions… Read More

Women and Gender Pavilion at COP28

The Women and Gender Constituency will host the first ever Women and Gender Blue Zone Pavilion at COP28! With great intention – we aim for this space to showcase a deep vision for what a feminist, gender just and climate just future looks like. On each day, you will find both open spaces for conspiring,… Read More

MENA Women’s & Girls’ Demands for COP28 and Beyond

For the second consecutive year, the United Nations climate negotiations, known as COP28, will be hosted in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Capitalizing on the momentum in the region after COP27 in Egypt and with COP28 in Dubai, UAE this year, MENA feminists, gender and climate advocates are using this pivotal movement… Read More

WGC calls out concerns on the new report released by the “Climate Overshoot Commission” promoting risky and dangerous distractions for climate action

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 14th September 2023 New York, NY – The Women and Gender Constituency (WGC), a rights-based network that advocates for gender-just climate solutions, is deeply concerned about the promotion of speculative, risky, and dangerous technologies from the new report released by the “Climate Overshoot Commission” days before the beginning of the UN Climate… Read More

Centering Inclusion: From African Feminist Taskforce to Africa WGC

For years, the Women and Gender Constituency has been on a journey towards nurturing a diverse community of feminists and gender advocates. COP27 hosted in Egypt served as a unique opportunity for the WGC to move the inclusion needle a step further by creating and resourcing a dedicated African Feminist Taskforce (AFT)—now called Africa WGC…. Read More

Market mechanisms must not undermine real emission reductions

picture of the WGC submission document

The Supervisory Body for the sustainable development mechanism (Art. 6.4) is meeting from 31st May to 3rd June. We expect them to work on more detailed rules for market mechanisms that are still consistent with keeping the 1.5°C goal and protecting  human and Indigenous Peoples’ rights. We call for a clear push-back on removals being… Read More

Feminists Speak Out at COP27

Feminists and grassroots activists are at the frontlines of movements and solutions addressing the climate crisis around the world. They are forging pathways towards true climate justice through their stories of fierce struggle. To share such stories that center human rights, gender equality and the integrity of the environment, the Women and Gender Constituency, WEDO,… Read More

Press Release: Collective Power Shines Amid a Process That Fails on Urgent Climate Action

November 20, 2022 Sharm El Sheik, Egypt – As feminists and women’s rights advocates strategized daily to advocate for gender-just and human rights based climate action, negotiators once again ignored the urgency of our current climate crisis. While we acknowledge that developing countries, grassroots movements and civil society pushed forward a once unthinkable collective demand… Read More

Solutions From Togo, Pakistan and India Announced as Recipients of 2022 Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards

On 14 November — Gender Day at COP27 — the annual Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards were given to three recipients from across the globe: Yokoumi from Togo (Technical Solutions); The Sindh Community Foundation in Pakistan (Non-technical Solutions), and the Keystone Foundation in India (Transformational Solutions). These annual awards highlight the fact that ambitious climate… Read More

No Gender Justice in the Gender Action Plan (GAP)

11 November, 2022 Download the WGC GAP statement here. The Women and Gender Constituency (WGC) joined UNFCCC meetings this year to engage in a substantive review of progress and challenges in implementation of the five-year gender action plan (GAP). We coordinated among our network of hundreds of gender experts and frontline women leaders and came… Read More

Release | Protest Action Held to Highlight Silenced Voices at COP27: No Climate Justice Without Human Rights

10 November 2022 Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt — Advocates from diverse constituencies gathered today from across civil society and climate justice groups at the middle of the COP27 venue to protest the many silenced voices at the climate negotiations. “We are here today as feminists, as activists, and as members of different constituencies and civil society… Read More

Press Advisory: #SilencedCOP27 Action – No Climate Justice Without Human Rights

Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt — As part of a Human Rights Day of Action, The Women & Gender Constituency and allies will be holding a cross-constituency planned protest within the COP27 venue to call attention to the many silenced voices at COP27. This direct action will highlight and honor the thousands of activists, political prisoners, and… Read More

WGC calls out risky and dangerous market mechanisms for climate action

Response to Article 6 Paragraph 4 9 November, 2022 | COP27, Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt The Women and Gender Constituency is highly concerned about the content and process of the Article 6.4 recommendation document prepared by the Supervisory Body (SB) and sent for consideration and adoption at COP27.  The document produced did not respect the inclusive,… Read More

African Feminist Leadership at COP27

The Women and Gender Constituency is proud to be supporting a delegation of frontline and grassroots African leaders and feminist advocates to participate at COP27 and to raise the demands and voices of the African Feminist Taskforce. Semia Gharbi (Tunisia) Semia Gharbi is the chair of a national NGO, the Association of Environmental Education for… Read More

600+ Women & Gender Advocates Launch Demands for Climate Justice Ahead of COP27

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date: 4 November, 2022 Contact: Lindsay Bigda, | WhatsApp +1 207-385-7924 A coalition of feminist activists from the Women & Gender Constituency (WGC), one of the nine official UNFCCC observer groups, has launched a set of collective demands for climate justice ahead of the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27), to… Read More

WGC COP27 Key Events

Produced by the Women & Gender Constituency, this events list contains gender-related events at COP27. The list is organized by date and time. All times are in local time. Many events will be live-streamed on the COP27 YouTube Channel. Please feel free to use and share.

COP27: WGC Demands for a Gender and Climate Just World

As feminists, gender equality and women’s rights advocates from around the world—led by and accountable to the demands of frontlines, Indigenous and grassroots leaders—members of the Women and Gender Constituency have outlined below our key demands for the outcomes of COP27. As always, we uphold that there can be no climate justice without gender justice… Read More