COP20: WGC Calls for a New Decision on Gender-Sensitive Climate Policy

LIMA, PERU (December , 2014)-– At the Opening of the Subsidiary Body on Implementation (SBI), Ms. Gertrude Kenyangi from Support for Women in Agriculture and Environment, Uganda, called for further strengthening gender-sensitive climate policy via a new decision under the agenda item on gender and climate change.

Thank you Chair,

My name is Gertrude Kenyangi from Support for Women in Agriculture and Environment in Uganda and I am speaking on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency.

At COP19, in SBI Conclusions on gender and climate change, Parties agreed to consider further ways to strengthen gender balance, gender sensitive climate policy and effective participation of women under the Convention and the Kyoto Protocol during COP 20, in December in Lima.

Here in Peru, Parties have the important opportunity to take forward progress on this issue and provide a mandate for developing a comprehensive framework and work programme for implementation of gender provisions. We encourage Parties to work towards a new decision on gender and climate change under this agenda item.

A COP20 decision will strengthen and substantiate progress on gender-responsive climate policy as well as effective implementation, which is particularly relevant to work of the SBI, and which is critical to meeting the overall goals of this Convention. In addition, we acknowledge the launch of regional training workshops on NAPs under the
LEG, and we look forward to strong outcomes on gender related considerations, as is mandated in the work programme. We are ready to work with you to support inputs into this

Finally, the Women and Gender Constituency urges Parties to make significant progress in the operationalization of the loss and damage mechanism, ensuring effective means of
implementation to address communities and ecosystems most impacted by climate induced losses.

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