COP21: Women’s Pavilion/ ‘Gender-Just Solutions Exhibition’

From 30 November to 11 December, the Women and Gender Constituency will host a ‘Women’s Pavilion and Gender-Just Solutions Exhibition’ in the Climate Generations Area of COP21 in Le Bourget, Paris.

The space will aims to:

  • Highlight a ‘gender-just’ climate solutions agenda; highlighting decentralized, locally owned, safe and sustainable climate solutions which work for women and promote equality;
  • Build capacity of a mainstream audience on the social and gender dimensions of climate change, providing a host of tools and information;
  • Strengthen the network of individuals/ organizations and alliances interested in understanding climate change through a gender lens by showcasing and connecting to the organizations already working on it;

It will be divided into ‘4 Corners’:

  • THE SOLUTIONS CORNER: Solutions displayed as models and with explanatory posters. All solutions get our WGC “stamp” with “gender-just climate proof” solution – or “safe, appropriate and socially, economically and environmentally sound solution”.
  • THE COMBINED LOUNGE / ART DISPLAY AND SPEAKERS CORNER: This will be a relaxed environment with some couches/nice to sit on chairs, to have a comfortable seat, a video screen, a publication holder and a microphone. There will be a board with the schedule for the programme of the lounge corner, changing between personal and video presentations. People have the possibility to listen to the presentations, watch different videos on a screen or to have a look at the displayed publications. Space for displaying photography or other arts e.g. highlighting art from the women’s global campaign for climate justice. See full programme of ‘lounge events’ here
  • THE CAMPAIGN CORNER: This corner will be run by ‘The Women’s Global Call for Climate Justice’ and it will be a dedicated space for showcasing actions being undertaken by the campaign- linking to national level actions happening during the Paris COP21 conference and providing a ‘direct action’ space for people to get engaged on the spot and be connected to actions around the world.
  • THE POLICY CORNER – INFORMATION DESK:The visitor will get the condensed information here. The area will be marked with an information desk, staffed with one experienced person as contact person for the exhibition area.