DIVA for Equality Fiji: Women and Gender Constituency (WGC) Liaison for COP23 Presidency

WGC advocacy network member, DIVA for Equality will play a critical role in the lead-up to this year’s UNFCCC COP as WGC liaison to the COP23 Presidency of Fiji. DIVA for Equality’s work in Fiji and the Pacific Islands region is invaluable, as part of small island communities who are living with the impacts of climate change, mobilizing, strategizing and fighting for survival, and urging for immediate and long-term action that is gender responsive and centered on universal human rights and social, economic and ecological justice.

As WGC Liasion, DIVA for Equality will liaise between the WGC and the Presidency of the Government of the Republic of Fiji, and lead on communications from a local and regional perspective. This will support and enhance the effectiveness of the WGC’s advocacy and key demands as well as amplify the voices of frontline communities in Fiji and Pacific small island states and territories.

DIVA for Equality is a collective of Fiji women working with others for the advancement of universal human rights, economic, climate and ecological justice and sexual and gender justice. They work from a Pacific small island context in Fiji, and regionally and globally.  This south feminist collective works as part of urban poor, rural and remote communities in Fiji, and regionally and globally through community-led efforts, civil society and social movement collaborations, work directly and indirectly as possible with Pacific small island governments, UN and development agencies and other stakeholders. DIVA for Equality is an active part of emergent climate change, economic and ecological justice focused coalitions/initiatives including the Pacific Partnerships on Gender, climate Change and Sustainable Development (PPGCCSD), Pacific Urgent Action Hub on Climate Justice, Pacific Islands Climate Action Network (PICAN), Global Women’s Call for Climate Justice, and with the Women’s Major Group  (as WMG PSIDS Organizing partner), and the Women and Gender Constituency at the UNFCCC (and have supported representatives including young Pacific SIDS, south feminist and women activists to be present at various climate change, development and gender related intergovernmental spaces, and UNFCCC preparatory meetings and COPs 21, 22, and upcoming at COPs 23 and 24).

To follow DIVA for Equality’s work see here and here.


The DIVA for Equality climate, economic and ecological justice team for COP23 includes: Noelene Nabulivou (Political Adviser), Maria Nailevu (Co-lead), Viva Tatawaqa (Management Collective -Movement Coordinator/SRHR) and Shirley Tagi (Coordinator) and others.

Primary COP23 contacts: noelenen@gmail.com and cc: marianailevu05@gmail.com.