Description of the project: Since 2016, UEWCA has enhanced the climate resilience and livelihoods of over 49,000 women in rural communities of Ethiopia, with an integrated approach. Their capacities have been strengthened in climate mitigation and adaptation techniques, environmental protection strategies and income diversification. By implementing integrated agroecology -crop and livestock-, efficient stoves and watershed management, women have developed climate resilient, long-term sustainable development models. Knowledge of existing climate change policies have been raised, building institutional capacities of local governments and 12 civil society organizations.

Climate impact
Awareness raising campaigns to local communities on sustainable resource management
Use of drought tolerant seeds and small-scale irrigation to increase agricultural production
Mainstreaming climate resilient economic development
Gender impact
Rural women have acquired new technical skills on integrated agroecological practices
Economic empowerment of 49,000 women and vulnerable community groups
Scalability / replicability
Development of knowledge management system for informing best practices to policy makers
Replicable agricultural practices for drought prone areas

Financially supported by: ActionAid, Plan International, Governments of Australia, Canada and The Netherlands, Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)