Description of the project: The Women’s Leadership and Training Programme addresses the needs of traditional, historically disempowered communities in rural South Africa. They foster a holistic development of girls around issues of climate change, water conservation and biodiversity loss, while integrating a strategic analysis of how patriarchy influences their development, cultural identity and health. 275 girls designed and implemented waste and water management, as well as agroecological and tree planting activities, while building their agency, confidence and
skills. With a train-of-trainer model promoting ancestral knowledge, Emthonjeni empowers indigenous girls to uplift their communities, challenge gender norms and tackle land and water conservation.


Climate impact
Promoting Indigenous knowledge on climate adapted
heirloom seeds.
Re-planting endemic tree species.
Engaging communities in water and land conservation issues.
Gender impact
Learning to analyse patriarchal cultural practices and
challenging gender norms.
Strengthening girls’ self-esteem and developing
leadership attitudes.
Fostering girls ‘environmental and cultural education.
Scalability / replicability
Creating a multiplier effect via train of trainer’s model
expanding to other communities.
Training for Transformation (TFT) programme with online manuals and resources disseminated locally and globally.
Engaging girls in provincial and national water forums,
NGO networks and climate change advocacy towards