Description of the project: The Gender and Environment Data Alliance (GEDA) aims to improve availability, accessibility, understanding, and application of quality and robust data and information at the gender and environment nexus. By compiling and amplifying existing gender data and research and identifying gaps, GEDA supports gender-just and evidence-based environment and climate action that meets the needs of all people in all their diversity. As a membership alliance, GEDA serves as a hub for diverse organizations working on the intersection of gender and environment through a data lens


Climate impact
Improves accessibility, methods, and application of robust gender-environment data to inform climate policy.
Advances climate action by catalyzing and scaling the analysis and use of gender-disaggregated data and intersectional analysis.
Gender impact
Strengthens the gender mandate of climate processes by
influencing norms of data generation, synthesis and analysis, by expanding definitions and representation.
Promotes gender equality in climate and environment
through trainings and programs guided by feminist,
participatory action research methods.
Supports enabling conditions for gender-environment
data collection, analysis and application, including through providing small grants.
Scalability / replicability
Presents tools, frameworks, and approaches to advance
systemic, gender-transformative shifts in policy, programming, financing, and planning.
Will support a cohort of international fellows to build long-term analysis and capacity at the intersection of gender and environment.
Strengthens capacity of statistical bureaus and policymakers to use and apply non-traditional data, including feminist participatory action research.