Description of the project: Using a gender and intersectional lens, the collective of indigenous women of the Tri-national Chaco promotes inclusive, fair, and healthy territories for young people, women, and the elderly in all their diversity. They recognize and value differences so that women can fully exercise their rights and connect them with the defense of their land, water, local products, and food sovereignty. Rural grassroots, peasants and indigenous women of the American Chaco implement local climate mitigation and adaptation, as well biodiversity conservation actions and build bridges to break isolation.


Climate impact
Rainwater collection (building cisterns) and rainfall monitoring.
Climate mitigation via multiple actions: use of clean energy, cycling, car sharing, tree planting and composting.
Promoting reforestation with native plants and crop
Gender impact
Alleviating women’s burden of domestic chores via a
redistribution of tasks in or around the household.
Intergenerational trainings on gender rights fostering new
narratives to empower women and youth.
Strengthening leadership skills, self-confidence and trusting ties with other organizations.
Scalability / replicability
Disseminating ‘Research, Action, Mediation’ methodology for appropriate and meaningful responses in difficult contexts.
Exchange of local experiences with the Chaco Women’s
Collective, Chaco Networks, and broader networks.
Sharing and replicating experiences on interculturality and intersectionality from the Network “Feminisms in Dialogue”.