Description of the project: In the underprivileged district “La Ensenada de Chillon” in the north of Lima, women from the neighbourhood trained as bricklayers have built earth walls along the hillside to develop community-based urban gardens. Grey water from the houses is used for irrigation. The terracing – benefiting more than 40,000 residents – has made homes and roads more solid and resistant to earthquakes and heavy rains. 5,000 square meters of gardens are transforming crime-prone wastelands into productive green spaces, reducing gender-based violence and fights among youth. Plants absorb toxic emissions, improve air and life quality, and contribute to food security.


Climate impact
Earthquake and landslide prevention in a mountainous area.
Green areas limit temperature rise and reduce air pollution.
Urban gardening strengthens food security.
Gender impact
Women access technical training and local jobs in a male dominated sector.
Women bricklayers become role models for young girls and the entire community.
Long-term reduction of gender based violence.
Scalability / replicability
Long-term partnerships with university institutions, NGOs, local governments.
Holistic, participatory approach, with literacy classes,
psychological support, discussion groups, ensuring community ownership.
Planning to spinoff to neighbor communities in the area.