Description of the project: The project, implemented by WECF Germany & ARUWE, promotes affordable and decentralized renewable energy solutions with a gender perspective. Implemented technologies include biogas, briquettes (replacing firewood), off-grid photovoltaic systems and solar pumps for farming and household needs. 50 women and girls have benefitted from a “Female Energy Ambassadors” training with technical and practical information about renewable energies, their economic and ecological advantages and productive use. With this training, women are empowered to transfer their expertise within their communities. WECF and ARUWE also developed gender just funding mechanisms in cooperation with local banks. 

Climate impact
Promoting renewable energy through off-grid solar technologies
Promoting clean cooking solutions that reduce firewood emissions
Technical training of local populations in solar and briquetting technologies
Gender impact
Women and girls are empowered to develop technical and leadership skills
Reduced health hazards by using clean cooking technologies
Access to finance for women through a gender just funding mechanism
Scalability / replicability
The cooperatives model ensure sustainability of the project
Multiplying effect of the “energy ambassadorsconcept
Improved sustainability of agricultural value chain through productive use of renewable energy

Financially supported by: Bayerische Staatskanzlei (Bavarian government)