Description of the project: The project trains women and youth in the set-up and management of roof farming alternatives for urban areas, such as hydroponics and aquaponics. Women are empowered to produce nutritious and safe organic food for their family, using minimum water and space, while earning new income. This ideal solution for highly dense urban areas is supported by a mobile application that enables knowledge sharing and monitoring. This effectively addresses any challenge faced by users in the farming process.

Climate impact
Greening urban spaces reduces air pollution
Safe, affordable and organic food security for urban families
The farming methods use less water and limited space
Gender impact
Contributes to gender equality through training and knowledge sharing for women
Women’s economic empowerment via the sales of farming production
Scalability / replicability
The project has a good scope of being propagated to all urban areas in Nepal
Simple and affordable method easy to scale up and expand
Digital tool enhances access to support and broad

Financially supported by: Race to zero Award