Description of the project: Association for Research Action Development and Environment in Sahel (ARADES) is developing and selling thermal baskets sold by women. This low-tech product enables households to save cooking fuel and reduce waste. This enhances sustainable development and civic behaviour. We hope to sell 44 000 thermal baskets per year, from which women can make an average revenue of US $220 per month.

Climate Impact: The energy context is characterized, for thirty years now by a strong energy demand with growth of 1.6% to 2%. This has led to more deforestation increasing climate change. However, the Senegalese area has considerable potential for biomass energy products like the thermal basket, an alternative energy source to traditional fuels, to enable further reductions of 50% in environmental impact, 50% in economic and 50 % in social costs. Given this situation, it is urgent to popularize the successful experiences of the value of thermal baskets. The community organizations have been a strong mobilizer of young men and women whose earnest desire is to bring a positive change.

Gender Impact: The ARADES network has eight member associations of women between Saint-Louis and Thies ranging from 15 to over 200 members each. They work in girl’s education, the protection of the environment, food processing, sewing, dyeing, selling biochar and improved stoves, solar cookers, and income generating activities. The managing committee is composed of environmentalists, lawyers in public law, teachers of home economics and, foreign languages, students in literature, cartographers, economists and facilitators in OCBs. The Impact is ARADES‘s challenge. It is to help the community to benefit from experiences by helping people throughout the social scale to take maximum advantage of scientific and technological progress while creating jobs and revitalizing their respective sectors.