Description of the project: Since 2018, the Solar Age project supports Syrian women refugees in Turkey. The Solar Engineering Course, a 10-day theoretical and practical training in solar energy, benefitted 200 women refugees. Among them, 20 have also been trained to build EFE (Energy For Everyone) solar batteries, which are sold on the local market to generate revenues.

The EFE batteries are specifically designed for the needs of refugees. They integrate a flashlight for SOS signals and provide an autonomous source of energy for mobile phones to facilitate life-saving communication. The program additionally offers educational and language courses to children refugees.

Climate impact

Promoting renewable energy through solar panels and EFE-Battery
Training of new technicians in solar technology
Gender impact
Access to local jobs for women refugees through links with Turkish solar entreprises
Financial autonomy for women working as EFE battery manufacturers
Childcare to reduce women’s burden of care and enable their attendance to the training
Scalability / replicability
International partnerships with other organisations : a replication project was launched in Bosnia just before the COVID crisis
Training of trainers allowing beneficiaries to take ownership of the program

Financially supported by: Individual Donors