One Lamp provides digital financing for smaller women-led dairy farms that have no access to national energy grids in Uganda to invest in solar cooling systems. Because inheritance laws prevent women from accessing equal rights to land and property, One Lamp promotes inclusivity in a circular economy. The project provides women farmers with a rent-to-own financing system, enabling them to access solar refrigeration and reduce milk spoilage by up to 90%. Using a mobile money app, investors can make flexible monthly or weekly payments over two years. Thanks to solar-powered televisions they learn how to use refrigeration to improve their income in the dairy value-chain. They gain new knowledge about health care, women’s rights and gendered roles.

Climate impact
Promotes the use of solar energy for milk cooling, lighting, charging mobile phones, and other appliances.
104 tons of GHG emissions saved thanks to the sale of 200 solar cooling systems.
Gender impact
Women farmers gain access to climate/ sustainable energy financing system.
LED lights protect women’s health from dangerous kerosene or diesel fuel.
Job creation and new income opportunities for women thanks to new value-added products.
Program will install 1000 solar milk coolers across six milk sheds in Uganda thanks to local and international partnerships.
Targets the large off-grid energy market in Uganda and sub-Saharan Africa.
Five- year financial plan ensures a solid base for upscaling (net revenue margin of 24%).