Description of the project: This project, launched in 2015 by the Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh (CCBD), responds to the local drinking water crisis by establishing a community led water management system. The approach to ‘Bring Women into Action’ was implemented in three coastal sub-districts, where women had to face acute problems in fetching drinking water due to increased soils’ salinity. Women gathered in groups aimed at identifying challenges and introducing sustainable, participatory water governance systems. They gained decision-making power at the local level, further enhancing the livelihoods of over 4500 inhabitants, thanks to inclusive climate action.

Climate impact
Climate adaptation through rainwater collection during monsoons: creates new sources of drinking water
Properly stored rainwater via Pond Sand Filters (PSF) gives more safe drinking water and reduces waterborne diseases
Gender impact
Women’s technical and governance skills have been strengthened
Women’s leadership in local decision making institutions
Scalability / replicability
Easy to replicate, low cost technology and “Women-led Community Water Governance System”
Participatory approach ensures social acceptance of the solution
Good governance contributes to resolve water conflicts among communities

Financially supported by: Bread for the World Germany