Description of the project: In the village of Kelizio, Togo, women build on the production of shea butter to strengthen their economic autonomy. 50 shea butter producers decided to install a photovoltaic (PV) solar plant to power their mill. They are decarbonizing their product processing and strengthening the sustainability of this sector. They invested in individual improved stoves, further reducing their dependence on fossil fuels and biomass. The 8 KWh PV plant will also provide electricity to the 1,600 inhabitants of the village. This community-led project promotes a comprehensive approach, integrating the organic and fair-trade labelling of shea products (Fair For Life and EOS Ecocert).


Climate impact
Emissions reduction via the installation of a solar mill
(6 t GHG/Y) and 15 improved stoves (60 t GHG/Y).
Electrification of isolated and underserved rural areas.
Forest conservation to reduce drought and flooding risks – and preserve biodiversity.
Gender impact
Women’s economic empowerment via capacity building
on organizational and economic management, product
Creation of a woman-led Togolese enterprise.
Improving women’s working conditions: reducing air
pollution and drudgery.
Scalability / replicability
Community development approach, identification of needs by the beneficiaries, co-construction.
Trusting relationship and strong links among the different partners.
Collaboration with local enterprises.