Market mechanisms must not undermine real emission reductions

The Supervisory Body for the sustainable development mechanism (Art. 6.4) is meeting from 31st May to 3rd June. We expect them to work on more detailed rules for market mechanisms that are still consistent with keeping the 1.5°C goal and protecting  human and Indigenous Peoples’ rights. We call for a clear push-back on removals being considered under market mechanisms as the IPCC just specifically connected removals to “hard to abate” sectors. Removals are distracting from the importance of immediately phasing out fossil fuels.

At COP27 last year, there was pushback from civil society on the adoption of the recommendations on “activities involving removals.” The WGC along with some constituencies and civil society groups issued our statements during the negotiations to voice our frustration as the document was lacking on safeguarding human rights and gender considerations, as well as promoting unproven and risky technofixes–false solutions–that are detrimental to human and the environment. Resulting from this advocacy by civil society, some Parties concurred with the civil society that this flawed document should not be adopted in a rushing manner but to have the document sent back to the Supervisory Body for more work and inclusive consultation.

Thus, in the decision of Article 6.4 (paragraph 19), Parties and admitted observer organizations were invited to submit, by 15 March 2023, their views on activities involving removals, including appropriate monitoring, reporting, accounting for removals and crediting periods, addressing reversals, avoidance of leakage, and avoidance of other negative environmental and social impacts, in addition to the activities referred to in chapter V of the rules, modalities and procedures.

You can read WGC’s submission informing the upcoming meeting and SB58 on activities involving removals here.