Powerful statement to world leaders united voices from around the world

In preparation for the 2012 COP in Doha, the Women and Gender Constituency launched a public petition of governments around the world to commit to the fierce urgency and ambition needed to solve climate change. This public call, from organizations representing thousands of women from around the world, demands an immediate response to the causes of climate change and redress for the chaos already inflicted upon our planet’s most vulnerable and marginalized. Through the UNFCCC process in particular, governments must now make effective, equitable and binding commitments on carbon emissions and other factors leading to climate change, not just for the sake of our lives and well-being but for the survival and prosperity of generations to come.

The petition resonated with people around the world, demonstrating a strong united voice to tell world leaders that there is a clear path forward to ending this crisis and that further stalling and inaction both violates the rights of the people they claim to represent and is perpetuating grave and irreversible damage to our shared environment.