High Level Segment, Ipul Powaseu

Marrakech, Morocco (November, 17, 2016) – Ipul Powaseu of the Pacific Disability Network addressed the High Level Segment of the COP22, speaking on behalf of the WGC and sharing her own experiences. delivered the final intervention for the COP22, highlighting the key areas where Parties need to work on commitment and ambition. She shared, “I come from a small island in Papua New Guinea and the impacts of climate change are real for me. The shorelines are eroding almost 1 metre every year and for me, this is threatening my way of life, my livelihoods, and even posing greater challenges that as a woman with disability, I am also confronted with. Issues resulting from climate change impacts such as: decreasing food security resulting in malnutrition, decreasing access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene, reduced access to infrastructure, shelter and basic services and increasing displacement are realities that I, as an indigenous woman with disability, from a small island in the pacific is faced with.”