SBSTA 46 Closing, Deborah Mugerwa Nalwanga

Bonn, Germany (May 18, 2017) – At the closing session of SBSTA Deborah Mugerwa Nalwanga delivered the intervention on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency. She pointed out that the multi-stakeholder dialogue on the local communities and indigenous peoples platform represents the need to ensure the inclusion of indigenous peoples‘ and local communities‘ traditional knowledge in all agenda items under the Paris Agreement and to uphold indigenous peoples‘ rights and especially indigenous women’s rights when implementing and monitoring NDCs and in all climate actions. She further emphasised that actions in the agricultral and land use sector have to be holistic and should complement emission reductions, as there is no space for offsets in a 1.5°C climate change scenario. Finally, she pointed out the necessity of further discussions on the five principles of the technology framework under Article 10, paragraph 4, of the Paris Agreement as well as on the structure of the technology framework.