Statement of Solidarity with global South Advocates debadged and suspended for exercising their right to protest rightly in defense of the people of Palestine.

For immediate release | Bonn Climate Conference, Germany

Contacts: Zukiswa White,  | +27 812109607
Rachitaa Gupta,
Gina Cortes,

By the Women & Gender Constituency (WGC) and Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice (DCJ)

Activists and advocates across gender, sexual identities, race, class, ability, and geographic location representing civil society are present to demand climate justice via the UN climate convention – despite how this mechanism is failing to deliver fundamental transformation of the world and systems that are responsible for the crisis.

We cannot ignore the ongoing genocides in Palestine, Sudan, the Republic of Congo and many other places financed by resources, particularly from global North countries, that should instead be devoted to climate action and not to extermination.

As the world in its majority continues to amplify calls against the escalation of devastating and avoidable loss of life in Rafah, yesterday, advocates, both of whom are women representing the global South, staged a peaceful, non-violent demonstration in an attempt to bring attention to the genocide committed against the people of Palestine.

If the United Nations, founded to protect and promote human rights and peace, fails at this basic duty, where can activists find meaningful expression? We urge the UNFCCC to reflect on their founding principles and act accordingly, or risk affirming their complicity in their silence and refusal to receive the protest with the sincerity and urgency surrounding the context of an ongoing genocide.

As feminists and advocates, we affirm our solidarity with Tasneem Essop from South Africa, and Anabella Rosemberg from Argentina in their meaningful articulation of the rage we all feel at the current set of circumstances. We also condemn the debadging of Danni Taaffe simply for filming this peaceful protest.This is unacceptable.

There can be no business as usual during a genocide!
There can be no climate justice without human rights!

We call for the immediate lifting of their suspension and reinstatement of their badges so that they can continue with the important work of advocating for climate justice and against structural inequalities within the UNFCCC and beyond.
With our voices and our bodies, we will continue to work towards and fiercely organize in defense of people and planet. For we simply have no other choice.

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