The WGC at the UNFCCC Climate Dialogues

The UNFCCC Climate Dialogues were organized by the SB chairs Tosi Mpanu Mpanu (Democratic Republic of Congo) and Marianne Karlsen (Norway), in collaboration with the COP 25 Presidency and incoming COP 26 Presidency and  took virtually place between 23 November to 4 December 2020.

During the dialogues the network of the Women and Gender Constitueny took part in different events, workshops, dialogues and ceremonies as active obserevrs as well as silent participants. Similar to the climate conference our objectives were to observe the narratives from different Parties and country groups, to provide our expertise throughout all thematic and to raise our voices for human rights, gender equality and climate justice.

Please find our video and demands during the #ClimateDialogues below. In addition, we took the floor for questions, comments and expertise throughout all events of which many can be found on the UNFCCC conference page.

WGC statement dusing the Opening Ceremony

delivered by Patricia Wattimena (APWLD)

Climate voices

delivered by Maria Alejandra Escalante (FRIDA The Young Feminist Fund)

WGC closing statement

delivered by Kavita Naidu (APWLD)

Special Events

The members of the WGC have also organized three different special events during the Climate Dialogues that were recorded and can be found under the respective links.

Not without us! Feminist voices in climate justice struggles” took place on 27th November 2020.

Gender-transformative climate action from the ground” took place on 2nd December 2020.

Solar cooking’s positive impacts for women and the environment” took place on 2nd December 2020.