Women and Gender Pavilion at COP28

The Women and Gender Constituency will host the first ever Women and Gender Blue Zone Pavilion at COP28!

With great intention – we aim for this space to showcase a deep vision for what a feminist, gender just and climate just future looks like. On each day, you will find both open spaces for conspiring, sharing and breathing , as well as opportunities to learn, envision together, bear witness and amplify impact. We have organized our days into blocs across the following key goals:

  • Conspiring a space for folks to learn and build together, particularly across movements;
  • Breathea space for folks to breath / heal in an often overwhelming situation;
  • Grounding a space for folks to learn about feminist visions for climate justice, who the WGC is and how to engage;
  • Vision a space to showcase a feminist vision for a fossil free future;
  • Amplificationa space to amplify the collective work of the WGC, gender just climate solutions, etc.

You can find the Pavilion Program here and below.

A detailed version of these events can be accessed here.


Please share and join us!