Women and Gender Updates for Upcoming Bonn Meeting

Updates on plans for the upcoming two weeks in Bonn, Germany at the UN Climate Negotiations.

Daily Caucus
The Women and Gender Constituency will host as daily caucus, open to all interested in women’s rights and gender issues, from 9am to 10am in Room: Kaminzimmer.

Gender Workshop
As many of you are aware, the Secretariat will host an in-session workshop in Bonn, towards the development of a gender action plan. The Workshop will be held in Room: Santiago de Chile on 10 May, 10.00 – 13.00 and 11 May, 15.00 – 18.00. Details on the workshop can be found here: http://unfccc.int/gender_and_climate_change/items/10289.php

SB46 Gender ‘Entry Points’ (Download here)
The information in this WEDO report has been separated into different bodies/ agenda items. Background on what will be discussed under a specific agenda item has been provided, alongside links to any relevant documents. Where submissions have already been provided to inform the discussions, a brief analysis of these submissions and their gender-related content has also been provided.

Other Key Events (Download here
These events and others have been compiled into the attached. Please feel free to use this list to highlight additional events not included here.