Launching the Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards! (ENG, FR, SPA)

The Women and Gender Constituency invites you to participate in the 3rd annual ‘Gender-Just Solutions’ Awards! These awards aim to showcase real solutions for a more just, equal and healthy planet. All types of activist, grassroots and women-led organizations and groups working on issues related to climate change are encouraged to apply. Three winning award recipients… Read More

Women and Gender Updates for Upcoming Bonn Meeting

Updates on plans for the upcoming two weeks in Bonn, Germany at the UN Climate Negotiations. Daily Caucus The Women and Gender Constituency will host as daily caucus, open to all interested in women’s rights and gender issues, from 9am to 10am in Room: Kaminzimmer. Gender Workshop As many of you are aware, the Secretariat will host an… Read More

Rights-Holders & Duty-Bearers

Enhanced participation towards meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement should ensure representatives to the UNFCCC represent public interest and not private shareholders. The WGC believes that UN processes and agencies must maintain both a coherent understanding and enforcement of the concepts of duty bearers and rights holders. To avoid confusion the term “stakeholder” should… Read More

Gender Just Climate Solutions Publication 2016

This is the second edition of the Women and Gender Constituency’s publication ‘Gender Just Climate Solutions Award’. It honors the fundamental contribution of women in the fight against climate change and demonstrates the pertinence of integrating gender equality in all climate policies. Gender equality: fundamental for the climate? Nobody can ignore the effects of climate… Read More

Women & Gender Constituency’s Key Demands at COP22

At COP22 in Marrakech, the Women & Gender Constituency demands  real action to promote human rights, justice and a sustainable future for all. The full list of our 18 key demands can be downloaded here: Download in ENGLISH & FRENCH.

Key Gender Events at COP22

A number of events focusing on gender will be held at COP22. Find out more about the activities of the Women and Gender Constituency, our themed Caucus days, as well as Gender Day and other key events in Marrakesh in our event guide (PDF). Updates will be shared during COP22 on Twitter @WGC_Climate. Don’t miss… Read More

Women & Gender Constituency Submission on Lima Work Programme on Gender

Earlier in 2016, the SBI agreed on conclusions which expressed support to the continuation of the Lima Work Programme on Gender and requested the SBI 45 to prepare a draft decision to be considered at COP 22 in Marrakesh. Parties and observers were invited to provide submissions on views on possible elements and guiding principles… Read More

Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards Will be announced soon!

The Women and Gender Constituency has received many exceptional applications from a diverse and talented pool of candidates for the second  ‘Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards’ initiative at the upcoming UN climate negotiations (COP22) in Marrakech, and the selection for the Gender Just Climate Solutions Award has already been made and will be announced on our website soon! The winners and… Read More

WGC Training Session with Moroccan NGOs

The Women and Gender Constituency, in collaboration with the National Human Rights Council Morocco, is pleased to announce a two-day capacity-building training on “Gender and Climate Change” from 19-22 July 2016 in Rabat, Morocco. The workshop will raise awareness of the interlinkages between gender and climate change and ensure that women’s voices are heard and their rights… Read More

Launching the 2nd Call for Gender-Just Climate Solutions!

The Women and Gender Constituency is very pleased to invite you to participate in the ‘Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards’ initiative for the upcoming UN climate negotiations (COP22) in Marrakech! The Women and Gender Constituency of UNFCCC and other women, gender and human rights advocates have been actively pushing world leaders to ensure a just… Read More

The Women and Gender Constituency at SB44


BONN, Germany — The Women and Gender Constituency is active at the Forty-Fourth session of the UN Climate Change Conference beginning on Monday, May 16th in Bonn, Germany till Thursday, May 26th. The meetings mark a start in preparation of the entry into force of the Paris Climate Agreement which was signed by almost 150… Read More

WGC Welcomes New Member!

The Women and Gender Constituency is pleased to welcome its newest organizational member, and longtime advocacy partners, The Asian-Pacific Resource & Research Centre for Women (ARROW). ARROW is a leading network in the Asia-Pacific, and within global networks, making connections between women’s rights, sexual and reproductive health and rights, economic and environmental justice.

A Reality Check on the Paris Agreement: Women Demand Climate Justice

A Reality Check on the Paris Agreement from the Women and Gender Constituency (WGC) 12 December 2015 As the Women and Gender Constituency we came to this process asking one question: what is the purpose of a global climate agreement if not to save people and the planet? We see that the world wants hope, that… Read More

‘Gender-Just Solutions’ Publication

PARIS, France (Dec. 8, 2015) – The Women and Gender Constituency is proud to launch a ‘Gender-Just Solutions’ publication, highlighting over 30 technical, non-technical and transformative solutions for climate action. We know the solutions to a more sustainable future already exist. It is time to showcase them far and wide, and demand change! The Gender Just… Read More

WGC Response to Draft Agreement

NEW – 8 December 2015, 10am Please find attached the WGC Response to ‘Draft Paris Outcome’, Version of December 5th, 15.00, including the Reflections note. Please circulate it widely with your contacts in governmental delegations. WGCResponse7Dec

Opening interventions at COP21

PARIS, France (Dec. 1, 2015) – On Tuesday, several interventions were held on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency during the opening plenaries at COP21. Bridget Burns from Women’s Environmental and Development Organization (USA) called in the COP opening plenary “for a true act of defiance” that would let us leave this COP committing… Read More

Press Conference: Women Present Key Demands for World Leaders at COP21

PARIS, FRANCE, November 30, 2015​– On Monday, November 30 at 15:30-16:00, the Women and Gender Constituency (WGC) held its first press conference at the Paris UN Climate Talks. Speakers presented their key demands for a just and gender-responsive climate agreement and included: Camille Risler, APWLD (A​sia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development) Kalyani Raj, AIWC… Read More

COP21: Key WGC Events

The Women and Gender Constituency and its members will host/ participate in a number of key events during COP21, please see some below:     A comprehensive mapping of all events by women’s rights advocates or regarding gender and climate change can be viewed here.

COP21: Women’s Pavilion/ ‘Gender-Just Solutions Exhibition’

From 30 November to 11 December, the Women and Gender Constituency will host a ‘Women’s Pavilion and Gender-Just Solutions Exhibition’ in the Climate Generations Area of COP21 in Le Bourget, Paris. The space will aims to: Highlight a ‘gender-just’ climate solutions agenda; highlighting decentralized, locally owned, safe and sustainable climate solutions which work for women and… Read More