APA1-5 / SBI48 / SBSTA48 Joint Closing, Patricia Bohland

BONN, Germany (May 10, 2018) – Patricia Bohland of GenderCC,  in APA/SBI/SBSTA joint closing plenary, thanked Parties and the Secretariat on the progress, participation and discussion in the gender workshop and dialogue. However, she regretted the pace of negotiations in particular on all APA items and the Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples Platform. She urged Parties to make better use of their time in Bangkok and to not forget about the rights of the Preamble of the Paris Agreement— gender equality, rights of indigenous peoples, ecosystem integrity and protection of biodiversity, respecting human rights and intergenerational equity, ensuring food security and just transition as well as public participation – that have become to be known as the great eight – and should be fully integrated into the Paris “rulebook”.