Gender Equality in the Paris Implementation Guidelines

The Women and Gender Constituency is pleased to share its key recommendations for ensuring gender considerations in the implementation guidelines of the Paris Agreement. DOWNLOAD  Recalling gender equality has been enshrined in the Paris Agreement in the following ways: Paris Preamble “Acknowledging that climate change is a common concern of humankind, Parties should, when taking… Read More

APA1-5 / SBI48 / SBSTA48 Joint Closing, Patricia Bohland

BONN, Germany (May 10, 2018) – Patricia Bohland of GenderCC,  in APA/SBI/SBSTA joint closing plenary, thanked Parties and the Secretariat on the progress, participation and discussion in the gender workshop and dialogue. However, she regretted the pace of negotiations in particular on all APA items and the Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples Platform. She urged Parties… Read More

Talanoa Dialogue Closing, Maria Nailevu

BONN, Germany (May 08, 2018) – Maria Nailevu of DIVA for Equality, in Talanoa Dialogue Closing, shared her reality, her story of women in Fiji standing at the forefront of climate change. As a diverse woman in a frontline community to climate change, disasters are becoming more frequent and aggressive. Everything in the science and our… Read More

Talanoa Dialogue Opening, Kalyani Raj

BONN, Germany (May 02, 2018) –Kalyani Raj of AIWC, in Talanoa Dialogue opening, welcomed in her statement the decision of the UN and the Parties for initiating the process of Talanoa dialogue, and the work the COP Presidency has put into designing this trust-building approach. Altough she showed understanding for the desire, to avoid ‘finger-pointing’, she… Read More

APA1-5 / SBI48 / SBSTA48 Joint Opening, Natsumi Yoshida

BONN, Germany (April 30, 2018) – Natsumi Yoshida of WECF,  in APA/SBI/SBSTA joint opening plenary, reminded Parties about the great eight – human rights, public participation, gender equality, the rights of indigenous peoples and traditional knowledge, food security, the imperatives of a just transition, ecosystem integrity and biodiversity as well as intergenerational equity – rights-based principles… Read More