Gender Just Climate Solutions Publication 2016

This is the second edition of the Women and Gender Constituency’s publication ‘Gender Just Climate Solutions Award’. It honors the fundamental contribution of women in the fight against climate change and demonstrates the pertinence of integrating gender equality in all climate policies.

Gender equality: fundamental for the climate?

Nobody can ignore the effects of climate change or the urgency to act at all levels (individual, collective, economic, political, local and global) but what kind of contribution can women provide? And why are women still « ignored » by climate policies? Indeed, many efficient solutions implemented by women are often overlooked by decision-makers who prioritise technical solutions and expensive projects that leave a big impression and are supposed to maintain global growth and economic activity.

Strengthening the resilience of territories and of populations confronted with climate change is crucial. Women are often the ones preserving traditional knowledge, whether it is regarding resilient agriculture, sustainable water management and/or conservation.

The category winners of the 2016 award were:

Technical climate solutions – Fondation Mohammed VI (women and school children install and use solar cookers to preserve the Argan forest)
Non-technical climate solutions – YAKKUM Emergency Unit (YEU) (empowering women’s groups in disaster prone areas through community based sustainable water management)
Transformational climate solutions – ENDA Graf Sahel (strengthening women’s ancestral and artisanal fishery to preserve mangrove resources in the Saloum delta)

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