Description of the project: Recognizing the need to amplify the voices of underrepresented women in National Adaptation Plan (NAP) processes, the NAP Global Network has partnered with Lensational, a social enterprise whose mission is to empower women from marginalised groups and communities using photography. The project is providing participatory photography and storytelling training to women affected by climate change in Ghana and Kenya. Through visual stories, the trainees will communicate their experiences and their visions of resilience to adaptation decision makers at the national level, facilitating dialogue on priorities for NAP processes to enable gender-responsive and locally led adaptation action.

Climate impact
NAP processes will drive investments in adaptation over the coming years and foster policy coherence across sectors
Improved effectiveness and sustainability in adaptation planning processes via gendr integration
Locally led and gender-responsive adaptation action builds resilience for most impacted populations
Gender impact
Women are empowered to share their experiences and priorities with decision makers at local and national levels
Creation of new revenue sources for women via the sale of the trainees’ photographs on an online platform
National policymakers gain understanding of and support women’s priorities in adaptation action
Scalability / replicability
Builds on the Lensational’s tested approach of visual storytelling and education tools
Replication in other countries has the potential to increase the number of gender-responsive NAP processes

Financially supported by: Global Affairs Canada