Description of the project: Community Agriculture and Environmental Protection Association (CAEPA) Cameroon improves the livelihoods of women farmers in the Northwest by introducing new sustainable farming technologies and ensuring their equal access to land ownership. 500 families have been trained in enhancing soil quality, protecting water sources and developing sustainable cropping systems. They were supported to build their own “integrated farm plans”. 40 women’s groups have acquired skills to identify adapted tree species for reforestation; they planted 85,000 trees so far. Conducting research on laws and women’s rights, CAEPA also promotes equal land tenure rights and gender equality among rural communities.

Climate impact
Community based development of integrated farm plans with agroecological principles
Reforestation actions: over 85,000 trees planted
Soil and water source protection 
Gender impact
Advocating for women’s land tenure rights and access to natural resources
Capacity building for marginalized women and girls on farming, entrepreneurship and financial management
Achieved cultural shifts regarding gender rights and the treatment of widows
Scalability / replicability
Community-led organization starting with needs assessment prior to any programming
“Education and Community” and “Infrastructure Delivery” components ensure a comprehensive approach
Continuous evaluation during the project’s life cycle ensures sustainability

Financially supported by: Global Fund for Women