Description of the project: ECAP is a female-youth-led project that offers a holistic climate education and advocacy programme based on computerized simulations. Using an MIT Sloan computer model, the ECAP team facilitates interactive simulation workshops, and guides participants on how to tackle climate change from a scientific and systemic perspective testing the effectiveness of solutions via a computer model. They encourage young people to advocate for ambitious climate action by sharing science news and stories of inspiring changemakers. Finally, ECAP works with schools and State representatives to advance local environmental policies and national legislation on cross-cutting issues related to climate.

Climate impact
16 climate simulation workshops facilitated for 150 participants from 7 countries
Linking participants’ theoretical reasoning to practical knowledge through experiments with computer models
Amplifies youth voices to advocate for local environmental policy in partnership with elected officials
Gender impact
Female-led and implemented project focusing on young women’s education and empowerment
Opportunities for young women and men to engage in local and national advocacy activities
Scalability / replicability
Bottom-up approach reaching out to regional legislators to implement local climate policies and action
Easy-to-replicate educational model linking theoretical knowledge and policy change
Development of a training program which equips young leaders to facilitate workshops locally using culturally-relevant approaches

Financially supported by: Plan International, General Motors STEM for Changemaking challenge, Ashoka and T-Mobile Changemaker challenge