This unique network of 64 Indigenous women CSOs has engaged over 1,000 women and girls in climate mitigation and adaptation strategies that improve water and food security for their communities. They have established kitchen gardens and are generating alternative sources of income through organic briquette making, native species tree planting, beadwork, medicinal herb collecting, and beekeeping. This program helps reduce deforestation and C02 emissions from firewood and reinforce climate resilience in severely affected areas of Kenya via conservation agriculture, rehabilitating local seeds and crops. It promotes gender justice by supporting women’s leadership and decision-making power in Indigenous communities.

Climate impact
Reducing climate-induced migration and advances all-gender natural resource management.
Planted 100,000 tree seedlings to address deforestation.
Adopting conservation agriculture and community seed management.
Gender impact
Reduces women’s workload with ceramic Jiko cookstoves and briquettes.
Introduced alternative sources of income for women: 15 tree nurseries, 56 beehives, briquette making.
Increased women’s leadership in financial decision-making and securing land rights.
Tree nurseries can be extended to neighboring indigenous communities.
2,367 community members have increased and shared knowledge on climate mitigation and adaptation strategies.
Periodical demonstrations of kitchen gardens in communities.