Description of the project: As of 2019, a loan insight software company, Aeloi Technologies, has helped fifty women access affordable financing through an innovative digital token loan system. As a pilot project, Aeloi software tracks impact sector funds, with the goal of bridging the financing gap for 700,000 climate entrepreneurs. They have successfully lowered per-unit costs and de-risked loans in the electric minibuses –safa tempo– industry of Kathmandu and now target the agriculture sector. Because financial technology -fintech- is male dominated, Aeloi Technologies currently supports women entrepreneurs to increase their business assets and income, get rid of toxic interest rates, gain decision making power and social freedom.

Climate impact
Promotes carbon credits for local business ecosystems
Old “safa tempo” minibuses are upcycled with electric batteries. Expected GHG emissions reduction of 94,561 t CO2 per year over the next ten years
Gender impact
Increases women’s access to formal financial systems, lowering interest rates
Training materials designed for unschooled women who are financially excluded
Scalability / replicability
Replicable software model that can be applied in many sectors and MSMBs
Organisation will launch a second product, ReGrow, targeted at sustainable agricultural entrepreneurs

Financially supported by : One Young World Lead 2030 ; UNEP Young Champion of the Earth 2019 ; UNCF/UNESCAP Women MSME Innovation Challenge ; National Geographic Emerging Explorer