This climate conscious start-up enhances small-holder farmers’ income in Ghana by reducing post-harvest losses and energy costs while improving market access. It provides pay-per-use, mobile, solar-powered refrigeration and product processing services – damaged fruits and vegetables are turned into powder or chips. By providing first-mile services, FreshLine responds to rural women’s mobility constraints and provides them with enhanced revenue opportunities via value-added foods. The enterprise offers targeted training for women on post-harvest management and product processing. It promotes renewable energy and reduces food waste, thus improving farmer’s resilience and food security in the Ashanti and Bono East regions.


Climate impact
Minimizes food waste thanks to decentralized cold storage.
Reduces emissions from decomposing food and fossil fuel-powered processing equipment.
Promotes safe renewable energy through solar-powered cold storage and processing facilities.
Gender impact
Engages with women in the design phase.
Enhanced access to solar equipment and training programs for post-harvest management, food processing, and entrepreneurship.
Income from sale ensures women’s economic empowerment.
Partnering with community and women empowerment groups, NGOs, schools to create community gardens.
Educational activities and exchange of good practices involve over 15,000 beneficiaries in the community gardens.