Description of the project: ‘Defensoras Ambianales’ empowers women environmental rights defenders from indigenous peoples and local groups in Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay, with a gender justice perspective. A network of over 1,200 women has been built, and an innovative mobile phone application (PLAC) was launched to inform, connect, protect and communicate efficiently. This supports the protection of territories deteriorated by extractivism, agrochemical contamination and the restriction of local actors’ civic space. A feminist school was established in 2021 to strengthen local knowledge, technical and advocacy skills for climate adaptation and mitigation, with the aim to improve the groups’ resilience and amplify their demands.

Climate impact
Active conservation of natural resources, promoting the right to land, access to clean water, and organic food production via small grants
Fosters significant climate action through meaningful participation processes using advocacy and systemic transformation
Rehabilitation of cultural and ancestral knowledge for environmental protection
Gender impact
Mobile application to inform, protect, and connect women human rights defenders with each other
Creation of the Feminist School for Climate Action as an education space for political advocacy
Strengthening the political participation of women environmental leaders in international human rights and SDG frameworks
Scalability / replicability
Network building advocacy alliances in the Latin America region
Expansion of the PLAC mobile application to other countries

Financially supported by: European Union, GAGGA Alliance, IUCN-NL, International Land Coalition, Both Ends