Ento Farms connects unemployed women and youth from urban slums with smallholder poultry farmers around Nairobi via an innovative organic waste management program. Bio-converting “Home Kits” and technical trainings empower women and youth to transform organic waste into a valuable resource using the larvae of black soldier flies. The larvae are collected and bought back by Ento farms, to be sold via local partners to farmers for protein-rich poultry feed and bio-fertilizers. This cost-effective, decentralized waste upcycling solution generates income in underserved suburbs while significantly enhancing poultry farmers yields, thanks to a 30 % reduction of production costs.



Climate impact
Approximately 25 t. of CO2 emissions were saved by upcycling 36 t. of organic waste.
Reduces the use of harmful chemicals and additives in small poultry farming.
Creates a local circular economy based on organic upcycling and sustainable poultry farming.
Gender impact
New income generation for women in underserved suburbs and women small-scale farmers.
Capacity-building for women in waste management and product processing technologies.
Promotes women’s participation in community decisions about waste management solutions.
Low-cost, user-friendly and replicable organic waste management technology.
Smart, sustainable economic model with buy-back program for participants.
Partnership with local civil society organizations and community members.