Women Smiles Uganda enhances women’s agency in underserved urban neighbourhoods to fight hunger with innovative vertical agriculture solutions. To tackle food poverty, this organization developed cost-effective, climate-resilient vertical farming systems that enable women to grow crops in confined spaces like balconies, backyards, and rooftops. Providing women from underserved communities with training and mentoring in sustainable urban farming, this initiative promotes year-round, nutritious vegetable production and contributes to income generation. Women participating in this program reported improved revenue and increased confidence in their capacity to drive change within their communities.


Climate impact
The vertical farming unites are made of recycled plastics, effectively reducing plastic waste in the city.
Reduces water use for crop production.
Vertical farming absorbs GHG emissions and increases the climate resilience of urban poor settlements.
Gender impact
15, 000 women gained skills in sustainable urban agriculture and agro-entrepreneurship in the Katanga, Kisenyi, and Wakiso suburbs.
Women have increased their income and improved household food and nutrition security.
Women become leaders of change in their communities contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.
Partnering with community and women empowerment groups, NGOs, schools to create community gardens.
Educational activities and exchange of good practices involve over 15,000 beneficiaries in the community gardens.