Description of the project: PIFEVA -Pilier aux Femmes Vulnérables Actives, focuses on documenting and revitalizing the traditional knowledge held by indigineous communities to protect forest biodiversity in the Mwenga territory of the DRC. The project strengthened the capacities of 60 indigenous women and 60 young people in forest communities, to enhance the climate resilience of their agricultural practices. PIFEVA also promotes the identification and dissemination of ancestral seeds and plants via knowledge exchange among women and youth.

Climate impact
Traditional agroforestry, using indigenous seeds and plants, contributes to carbon capture
Indigenous agricultural practices are adapted for climate resilience and shared among communities and small farmers
Gender impact
Women’s knowledge on climate adaptation is strengthened
Women’s inclusion in the National Adaptation Plan’s sectoral policy
Scalability / replicability
The project was designed and is led by indigenous women
Intentional programming for other indigenous women and youth, with goal to translate information in local languages

Financially supported by: Pawanka Fund, RSF Social Finance