Intervention for Informal stocktaking plenary by the President, Dinda Yura

Bonn, Germany (November 11, 2017) – Unfortunately no interventions by Constituencies could be delivered in the Informal stocktaking plenary by the President. In the intervention Dinda Yura would have delivered on behalf of Women and Gender Constituency, she would have began with the intervention with congratulating Parties on the finalization of the text for the Gender Action Plan. She emphasised that the Gender Action Plan shill advance the implementation of existing gender-related decisions and mandates under the UNFCCC towards the full and equal participation of women in all aspects of the process and towards the development and implementation of gender-responsive climate policies. She also urged the Parties to committ to work on the Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples platform. Lastly, she expressed her concern about the negotiations have been conducted behind closed doors, therefore wanted to stress our demand for a transparent and inclusive process.