Joint Intervention at High Level Dialogue on Finance, Titilope Ngozi Akosa

Marrakech, Morocco (November, 16, 2016) – Ms. Titilope Ngozi Akosa, of the 21st Century Network delivered a joint intervention on Finance on behalf of Youth, Women and Gender, Farmers and Environmental NGO’s. The intervention including 4 key asks related to enhanced ambition, adaptation finance, and accounting measures. The groups also demanded that all climate finance be 100% gender-responsive, as agreed in the Paris Agreement, with all obligations ensuring gender equality integration. The intervention further called for, “Specific measures must be taken to ensure that climate finance will be consistent with existing human rights obligations and maximise poverty eradication commitments. At the same time, adequate public climate finance must be accessible to the world’s farmers so that they can invest in climate-resilient and productive agriculture in the face of an increasingly uncertain future.”