SB Stocktaking Plenary SB June Session 2021, Lylian Coelho Ferreira

Virtual (June 05, 2021) – Lylian Coelho Ferreira, on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency, urged Parties, particularly those who use the language of inclusion, to stand up and speak out for our space in this process as we have found ourselves muted in this virtual consultations. In the first week, the members of the WGC have been increasingly concerned about references to nature-based solutions. We continue to call on Parties to utilize commonly agreed language around ecosystems-based approaches as opposed to undefined “nature-based” solutions – particularly as it relates to our land and oceans. We hold up our role, as gender experts, women’s rights advocates and feminists in this process – to engage in all aspects of these negotiations – from common time frames and transparency – to agriculture and capacity building.