SBI 46 Closing, Lisa Göldner

Bonn, Germany (May 18, 2017) – Unfortunately no interventions by Constituencies could be delivered in the closing plenary of SBI46. In the intervention Lisa Göldner would have delivered in the name of the Women and Gender Constituency, we thank Parties and Observers on the progress made at the in-session workshop towards developing a Gender Action Plan under the UNFCCC and stress that for it to be ambitious and comprehensive, it has to be anchored as an action plan informing all UNFCCC workstreams, moving us towards progress on gender-responsive climate policy in developing and developed countries alike as well as on women’s full and equal participation in all levels of decision-making. We urge Parties to make explicit financial commitments to ensure that it will be effectively implemented. Regarding the in-session workshop on opportunities to further enhance the effective engagement of observers, we call on Parties to strengthen the role of civil society groups representing ‘rights-holders’ such as women, youth, indigenous peoples and workers. Furthermore we called for funding for gender-responsive initiatives and spoken on the aption of the PCCB workplan.