Press Conference: Women Present Key Demands for World Leaders at COP21

PARIS, FRANCE, November 30, 2015​– On Monday, November 30 at 15:30-16:00, the Women and Gender Constituency (WGC) held its first press conference at the Paris UN Climate Talks. Speakers presented their key demands for a just and gender-responsive climate agreement and included:

  • Camille Risler, APWLD (A​sia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development)
  • Kalyani Raj, AIWC (All India Women’s Conference)​
  • Titi Soentoro, Aksi!
  • Miriam Reindl, WECF (Women in Europe for a Common Future)

“Climate change is a reality for women in developing countries and they desperately need financial support, access to information, gender responsive policies and access and control over decision making that impact on them,” says Titi Soentoro (Indonesia) from Aksi! regarding finance for women who are affected by climate change. “Industrialized countries must provide new, addition, public funds in the form of grants which are not determined by national and international agencies, They need to address the real needs of impacted communities, starting with a minimum floor of $100 billion per year ensuring a balance of 50 percent adaptation and 50 percent mitigation and additional funds for loss and damage.”

Read the full press release here and see the press conference here