COP 23 Opening, Laura Cooper Hall

Bonn, Germany (November 7, 2017) – At the opening session of COP 23 Laura Cooper Hall of WEDO delivered the intervention on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency. She highlited the urgent need to raise pre-2020 ambition and accountability for long-term finance by providing increased levels of public finance. She further emphasised both GCF and the GEF as operating… Read More

APA 1-4 Opening, Vera Zhou

Bonn, Germany (November 07, 2017) – Vera Zhou of WEDO delivered the intervention on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency at the opening session of the APA. She emphasised that the implementation of the Paris Agreement must promote gender equality, human rights, the rights of indigenous peoples, just transition, and food security, additionally, she demanded all countries to fully… Read More

High Level Segment, Ipul Powaseu

Marrakech, Morocco (November, 17, 2016) – Ipul Powaseu of the Pacific Disability Network addressed the High Level Segment of the COP22, speaking on behalf of the WGC and sharing her own experiences. delivered the final intervention for the COP22, highlighting the key areas where Parties need to work on commitment and ambition. She shared, “I come… Read More

SBSTA 45 Opening, Gertrude Kenyangi

Marrakech, Morocco (November, 7, 2016) – Gertrude Kenyangi, for the opening of the SBSTA, raised concerns about the Sustainable Development Mechanism mandated under the Paris Agreement, noting that previous market-based mechanisms developed under the UNFCCC have failed to reduce GHG emissions and have often caused human and women’s rights violations as well as other environmental harms…. Read More

ACE Workshop on Article 6 of the Convention (Doha Work Programme)

BONN, Germany (May 27, 2016) – Majandra Alejandra Rodriquez Acha, of WEDO, participated on behalf of the WGC in the ACE Workshop on Article 6 of the Convention (Doha Work Programme). Some of the issues the WGC highlighted included: Ensure balance between all elements of Article 6 (we are leaving public participation and public access to information behind)… Read More

SBI 44 Closing, Shaila Shadid, May 2016

BONN, Germany (May 26, 2016) – Shaila Shadid, of the Gender and Water Alliance in Bangladesh, in a closing intervention for the SBI congratulated the Secretariat on a very engaging and inclusive 2-day workshop on gender-responsive climate policy, which produced a wide variety of recommendations and saw the participation of many Parties. She also recognized progress made by Parties… Read More

SBSTA 44 Closing, Shaila Shahid, May 2016

BONN, Germany (May 26, 2016) – Shaila Shadid, of the Gender and Water Alliance in Bangladesh, in a closing intervention for the SBSTA addressed that women’s capacity building, contributions, and leadership are central to finding a solution to achieve the principles of Paris Agreement. In order to bring about a paradigm shift towards climate resilient development pathways, globally… Read More

Intervention on Warsaw Mechanism on Loss & Damage, Shaila Shahid, May 2016

BONN, Germany (May 24, 2016) – Shaila Shadid, of the Gender and Water Alliance in Bangladesh, spoke on the need to improve the capacities of vulnerable groups and to take a gender-sensitive approach in activities that address loss and damage in relation to disaster and climate change. Loss and damage cannot be measured only in terms of physical… Read More

SB44 Opening, Prachi Rao, May 2016


BONN, Germany (May 16, 2016) – On Monday, Prachi Rao from the Women’s Environment & Development Organization (WEDO) on behalf of the Constituency, provided an intervention at the opening plenary of the 44th session of the Bonn Climate Change Conference. She called for real, just action, noting that “the terms [of the Paris Agreement] are still… Read More

COP21 Opening Plenary, Bridget Burns, December 2015

PARIS, France (Dec. 1, 2015)  – On Tuesday, Bridget Burns from Women’s Environmental & Development Organization, USA, held an intervention on behalf of the Constituency in the Joint COP/CMP Opening Plenary. Refering to the ‘act of defiance’ called for by some Heads of State on the previous day, she argued that “a true act of… Read More

Bridget Burns, Informal Dialogue with Incoming COP Presidency, Bonn, June 2014

“We make a strong call to the COP Presidency to ensure that the principles of gender equality and the human rights are fully incorporated in Lima’s outcomes under the ADP. Furthermore, in Lima, we look for concrete progress under the COP agenda item on Gender and Climate Change- taking forward Party recommendations from the Warsaw Conclusions, which… Read More

Andrea Quesada, SBSTA Opening Plenary, June 2014

“In these past months SBSTA has made substantial progress integrating gender in some of its agenda items. Particularly, the Constituency welcomes the report of technical expert meeting on available tools for the use of indigenous knowledge and practices for adaptation, and the application of gender-sensitive approaches and tools for adaptation considered under agenda item 3… Read More

Bridget Burns, ADP Opening Plenary, June 2014

“The Constituency views this session as an important moment for articulating with Parties how gender equality can be appropriately integrated into the new agreement. Examples from the integration of gender into the Green Climate Fund architecture as well as strong language in the Cancun agreements on human rights and gender equality provide precedents and models… Read More