PreCOP26 Joint Intervention

Milan, Italy (September 30, 2021) – Gina Cortes Valderrama delivered an intervention to the PreCOP26 behalf of five diverse rights-based constituencies- Women and Gender, Trade unions, Indigenous Peoples, Youth, the Climate Action Network, and Demand Climate Justice. The intervention shared a collective demand for ambition, justice, and people-powered solutions. Linked here.

SB – Joint plenary to hear closing statements, Kavita Naidu

Virtual (June 17, 2021) – Kavita Naidu on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency, reminded Parties and observers that the world continues to reel from the increasing devastating impacts of the climate and pandemic crisis, which are disproportionately affecting the most vulnerable women in the Global South. Therefore, states must provide scaled up finance… Read More

SB Stocktaking Plenary SB June Session 2021, Lylian Coelho Ferreira

Virtual (June 05, 2021) – Lylian Coelho Ferreira, on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency, urged Parties, particularly those who use the language of inclusion, to stand up and speak out for our space in this process as we have found ourselves muted in this virtual consultations. In the first week, the members of… Read More

SB June session Joint opening intervention, Cathy Yitong Li

Virtual (May 31, 2021) – Cathy Yitong Li, on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency, reminded Parties of the Paris principles – respecting human rights, the rights of Indigenous Peoples, gender equality, intergenerational equity, ecosystem integrity, food security and a just transition – which are critical to all climate action. These are currently not… Read More

COP25 Closing Plenary, Jolein Holtz

Madrid, Spain (Dec 15, 2019) – Jolein Holtz, on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency, welcomes the adoption of the Gender Action Plan but quickly moves on to calling out the lack of acknowledgment by parties as to how human rights are interconnected with every aspect of the negotiations. She highlights that gender quality… Read More

COP25 High Level Segment, Gina Cortes

Madrid, Spain (Dec 10, 2019) – Gina Gortes from Women Engage for a Common Future called out structural violence, armed violence and extractivist violence rooted in patriarchy and colonialism. She laments the lack of progress under the gender agenda item and reminds parties that we are not here to let them trade-off between rights and… Read More

COP25 Pre-2020 Stocktake, Kavita Naidu

Madrid, Spain (Dec 04, 2019) – Kavita Naidu from the Asia-Pacific Forum on Women Law and Development reminded parties that the Pre-2020 ambition was developed to lay the foundation for the NDC enhancement. She called out the stark contrast between the urgent need for action made clear in recent IPCC reports and only 68 countries… Read More

COP25 Opening Plenary, Antonia Zambra

Madrid, Spain (Dec 15, 2019) – Antonia Zambra, on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency, expressed her solidarity with feminists at the frontlines of the protests in Chile and of the climate justice movement at the Joint Opening Intervention of COP, CMP, CMA, SBSTA and SBI. She challenged systems that prioritize profit over people… Read More

APA1-5 / SBI48 / SBSTA48 Joint Closing, Patricia Bohland

BONN, Germany (May 10, 2018) – Patricia Bohland of GenderCC,  in APA/SBI/SBSTA joint closing plenary, thanked Parties and the Secretariat on the progress, participation and discussion in the gender workshop and dialogue. However, she regretted the pace of negotiations in particular on all APA items and the Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples Platform. She urged Parties… Read More

Talanoa Dialogue Closing, Maria Nailevu

BONN, Germany (May 08, 2018) – Maria Nailevu of DIVA for Equality, in Talanoa Dialogue Closing, shared her reality, her story of women in Fiji standing at the forefront of climate change. As a diverse woman in a frontline community to climate change, disasters are becoming more frequent and aggressive. Everything in the science and our… Read More

Talanoa Dialogue Opening, Kalyani Raj

BONN, Germany (May 02, 2018) –Kalyani Raj of AIWC, in Talanoa Dialogue opening, welcomed in her statement the decision of the UN and the Parties for initiating the process of Talanoa dialogue, and the work the COP Presidency has put into designing this trust-building approach. Altough she showed understanding for the desire, to avoid ‘finger-pointing’, she… Read More

APA1-5 / SBI48 / SBSTA48 Joint Opening, Natsumi Yoshida

BONN, Germany (April 30, 2018) – Natsumi Yoshida of WECF,  in APA/SBI/SBSTA joint opening plenary, reminded Parties about the great eight – human rights, public participation, gender equality, the rights of indigenous peoples and traditional knowledge, food security, the imperatives of a just transition, ecosystem integrity and biodiversity as well as intergenerational equity – rights-based principles… Read More

COP23/CMA Closing, Chiara Soletti

BONN, Germany (November 17, 2017) – Chiara Soletti, on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency, in COP23/CMA joint closing plenary, thanked the Fijian Presidency for their commitment towards making COP23 a success. Yet, she also warned all Parties that this COP was characterized by slow progress and insufficient commitments. Whereas the adoption of the Gender… Read More

SBI47/SBSTA47 Joint Closing, Ndivile Mokoena

BONN, Germany (November 14, 2017) – Ndivile Mokoena of GenderCC-Women for Climate Justice Southern Africa,  in SBI/SBSTA joint closing plenary, appreciated the adoption of the first Gender Action Plan under the UNFCCC. She emphasised that the implementation of the GAP needs to be closely monitored and fully funded, and that Parties need to come forward with… Read More

Intervention for Informal stocktaking plenary by the President, Dinda Yura

Bonn, Germany (November 11, 2017) – Unfortunately no interventions by Constituencies could be delivered in the Informal stocktaking plenary by the President. In the intervention Dinda Yura would have delivered on behalf of Women and Gender Constituency, she would have began with the intervention with congratulating Parties on the finalization of the text for the Gender Action Plan…. Read More

Intervention for Presidency’s Open Dialogue with NGO Constituencies and Parties, Lisa Göldner

Bonn, Germany (November 8, 2017) –Lisa Göldner of GenderCC in Presidency’s Open Dialogue with NGO Constituencies and Parties delivered the intervention on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency. She re-emphasised the importance of full and equal participation of women and other marginalised peoples’ groups in UNFCCC process and the necessary  funding to support those groups. She also highlighted that civil society’s unique… Read More

COP 23 Opening, Laura Cooper Hall

Bonn, Germany (November 7, 2017) – At the opening session of COP 23 Laura Cooper Hall of WEDO delivered the intervention on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency. She highlited the urgent need to raise pre-2020 ambition and accountability for long-term finance by providing increased levels of public finance. She further emphasised both GCF and the GEF as operating… Read More

APA 1-4 Opening, Vera Zhou

Bonn, Germany (November 07, 2017) – Vera Zhou of WEDO delivered the intervention on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency at the opening session of the APA. She emphasised that the implementation of the Paris Agreement must promote gender equality, human rights, the rights of indigenous peoples, just transition, and food security, additionally, she demanded all countries to fully… Read More

SBI/SBSTA Joint Opening, Shradha Shreejaya

BONN, Germany (November 6, 2017) – Shradha Shreejaya of APWLD,  in SBI/SBSTA joint opening plenary, addressed the Gender Action Plan and reminded Parties that a comprehensive, targeted and resourced Plan is a critical outcome for COP23 and that Parties must make explicit financial commitments. She also emphasized the urgent need to break free from fossil fuel… Read More

APA 1-3 Closing, Stacey Kimmig

Bonn, Germany (May 18, 2017) – Unfortunately no interventions by Constituencies could be delivered in the closing plenary of APA 1-3. In the intervention Stacey Kimmig would have delivered in the name of the Women and Gender Constituency, we urge developed country Parties that their current commitments are insufficient to meet the 1.5° goal. We… Read More