SB56 Glasgow Dialogue Closing Session Intervention

During the Closing Session of the Glasgow Dialogue at SB56 on June 10, Gina Cortés Valderrama made a strong demand to put Loss and Damage finance on the agenda and clarified, that this is an issue about justice as the climate debt owed by the global North to the global South is beyond measure. Read… Read More

SB56 GST Opening Intervention

During the Opening Plenary of the first GST Technical Dialogue SB56 on 9th June, Liane Schalatek emphasized that the Global Stocktake must be focused on the principles of climate justice, equity and the best available sciene. Read more about the WGC’s assessment in the intervention.

SB56 Opening Intervention

During the joint opening Plenary of SBI and SBSTA on June 06, Anne Songole from Kenya has recalled that at these intersessionals, Parties should work towards conclusions on climate justice issues, including: finance for loss and damage, and closing the critical emissions gap and delivering on climate finance. Read the full statement here.  

COP26 Closing Plenary

During the Closing of COP26 on 13th November Mwanahamisi Singano disclosed the shortcomings of COP26 and welcomed the world to Egypt. While reminding that when you plan your travel to COP27; hypocrisy, false solutions, rhetoric and inaction are strictly prohibited. Read more about the WGC’s assessment in the intervention.

COP26 Resumed High-Level Segment

During the resumed High-Level Segment of COP26 on 11th November, Zainab Yunusa called out state leaders to deliver real actions for transformative and gender-just solutions that embody human rights.

COP26 Intervention Stocktaking Plenary, Regina

Regina Banks delivered this intervention at the Stocktaking Plenary (November 8, 2021). She shared our demands: we need climate finance to address loss and damage, and adaptation. However, no decision remains better than a bad decision. Human rights need to be safeguarded, we need to stop ‘business as usual’, greenwashing & false solutions. Linked here.

COP26 Closing Intervention SBSTA, Cathy

Cathy delivered this Closing Intervention of the SBSTA on behalf of the Women & Gender Constituency (6 November 2021). She urged Parties to make rights & equality red lines in negotiations. She also shared reflections & demands on Indigenous Peoples’ rights, Article 6, technology mechanisms, ACE Work Programme and false solutions.   Linked here.

COP26 Closing Intervention SBI, Pat

At the Closing Session of the SBI (6 November 2021), Pat Bohland delivered this intervention. She reflected on the lack of gender-responsive, intergenerational and rights-based approach in negotiations. In the intervention she also touched upon challenges for Observers’ access. She called on Parties to work on achieving Paris Promises in next week’s decisions. Linked here.

Joint Opening Intervention COP26, SBSTA and SBI, Babitha

At COP26 in Glasgow, Babitha delivered this opening intervention on behalf of the WGC (31 October 2021). She called on Parties to get to work on achieving climate justice. She shared demands for safeguarding human rights, as they are drivers of ambition and effective climate action. Linked here.

COP26 Intervention Open Dialogue 4 November 2021

On November 4, 2021, the Women & Gender Constituency’s Gina Cortés Valderrama delivered this intervention. She made an urgent call for increase of ambition and action. She shared demands for gender targets in NDCs, NAPs, gender-responsive climate finance, and warned for the the false promises of nature-based solutions.   Linked here.

PreCOP26 Joint Intervention

Milan, Italy (September 30, 2021) – Gina Cortes Valderrama delivered an intervention to the PreCOP26 behalf of five diverse rights-based constituencies- Women and Gender, Trade unions, Indigenous Peoples, Youth, the Climate Action Network, and Demand Climate Justice. The intervention shared a collective demand for ambition, justice, and people-powered solutions. Linked here.

SB – Joint plenary to hear closing statements, Kavita Naidu

Virtual (June 17, 2021) – Kavita Naidu on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency, reminded Parties and observers that the world continues to reel from the increasing devastating impacts of the climate and pandemic crisis, which are disproportionately affecting the most vulnerable women in the Global South. Therefore, states must provide scaled up finance… Read More

SB Stocktaking Plenary SB June Session 2021, Lylian Coelho Ferreira

Virtual (June 05, 2021) – Lylian Coelho Ferreira, on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency, urged Parties, particularly those who use the language of inclusion, to stand up and speak out for our space in this process as we have found ourselves muted in this virtual consultations. In the first week, the members of… Read More

SB June session Joint opening intervention, Cathy Yitong Li

Virtual (May 31, 2021) – Cathy Yitong Li, on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency, reminded Parties of the Paris principles – respecting human rights, the rights of Indigenous Peoples, gender equality, intergenerational equity, ecosystem integrity, food security and a just transition – which are critical to all climate action. These are currently not… Read More

ACE Workshop on Article 6 of the Convention (Doha Work Programme)

BONN, Germany (May 27, 2016) – Majandra Alejandra Rodriquez Acha, of WEDO, participated on behalf of the WGC in the ACE Workshop on Article 6 of the Convention (Doha Work Programme). Some of the issues the WGC highlighted included: Ensure balance between all elements of Article 6 (we are leaving public participation and public access to information behind)… Read More

APA 1 Closing, Olfa Jalessi, May 2016

BONN, Germany (May 26, 2016) – Olfa Jalessi, of GenderCC, in a closing intervention under the APA, insisted on the urgency of transforming the Paris Agreement into efficient climate action, and how integrating gender in all climate actions will help us improve their efficiency, thus helping raise the ambition and accelerate the process. She stated, “every time we… Read More

SBI 44 Closing, Shaila Shadid, May 2016

BONN, Germany (May 26, 2016) – Shaila Shadid, of the Gender and Water Alliance in Bangladesh, in a closing intervention for the SBI congratulated the Secretariat on a very engaging and inclusive 2-day workshop on gender-responsive climate policy, which produced a wide variety of recommendations and saw the participation of many Parties. She also recognized progress made by Parties… Read More

SBSTA 44 Closing, Shaila Shahid, May 2016

BONN, Germany (May 26, 2016) – Shaila Shadid, of the Gender and Water Alliance in Bangladesh, in a closing intervention for the SBSTA addressed that women’s capacity building, contributions, and leadership are central to finding a solution to achieve the principles of Paris Agreement. In order to bring about a paradigm shift towards climate resilient development pathways, globally… Read More

Intervention on Warsaw Mechanism on Loss & Damage, Shaila Shahid, May 2016

BONN, Germany (May 24, 2016) – Shaila Shadid, of the Gender and Water Alliance in Bangladesh, spoke on the need to improve the capacities of vulnerable groups and to take a gender-sensitive approach in activities that address loss and damage in relation to disaster and climate change. Loss and damage cannot be measured only in terms of physical… Read More

SBI 44 Opening Intervention, Franziska Loibl, May 2016

BONN, Germany (May 17, 2016) – On Tuesday, Franziska Loibl, Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF) on behalf of the Constituency, provided an intervention at the opening plenary of SBI of the Bonn Climate Change Conference. She reiterated the “importance of technology transfer to developing countries and any technology transfer should be made accessible to… Read More