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Hannah Sen Cottage, 4 Sikandra Road, New Delhi, Delhi, 110 001, India

All India Women’s Education Fund Association (AIWEFA)

Type of Organization:
Global Network, International Network, National NGO
Membership Base:
National, Regional
Geographic Focus:
Global South, SAARC countries
Mission Focus:
Academic Strength, Education, Energy, Family and Child Care, Gender Rights and Equity, Nutrition and Health, Political Participation, Sustainable Development, Sustainable livelihoods, Technology in Women's Rights, Youth
Primary UNFCCC Constituency:
Women and Gender

AIWEFA is an NGO founded in 1929 under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi to inculcate a scientific temper in women’s education. In 1932, AIWEFA established the Lady Irwin College, New Delhi.
Today AIWEFA campaigns and mobilizes nationally and internationally through its field projects, seminars, workshops, conferences, publications and networking to bring about a sustainable approach to human development and advancement of weaker sections.