SBSTA 46 Closing, Deborah Mugerwa Nalwanga

Bonn, Germany (May 18, 2017) – At the closing session of SBSTA Deborah Mugerwa Nalwanga delivered the intervention on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency. She pointed out that the multi-stakeholder dialogue on the local communities and indigenous peoples platform represents the need to ensure the inclusion of indigenous peoples‘ and local communities‘ traditional… Read More

SBI 46 Opening, Ndivile Mokoena, May 2017

Germany, Bonn (May 9, 2017) – Ndivile Mokoena of GenderCC South Africa, for the opening of the SBI, emphasized the importance of the development of the Gender Action Plan. It is crucial that this plan addresses greater coherence among the thematic areas, boards and bodies of the UNFCCC, on efforts to implement gender-responsive climate policy,… Read More

APA 1-3 Opening, Dinda Yura

Bonn, Germany (May 08, 2017) – At the opening session of the APA Dinda Yura delivered the intervention on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency. She emphasised that all matters under the APA must be dealt with in a holistic view taking into account the preamble of the Paris Agreement that acknowledged gender equality,… Read More

SBSTA 46 Opening, Kate Cahoon

BONN, Germany (May 8, 2017) – Kate Cahoon of GenderCC, in the opening intervention of the SBI addressed the indigenous peoples platform and emphasized that indigenous peoples rights and especially indigenous women’s rights and perspectives have to be upheld when implementing and monitoring NDCs. She also welcomed the discussion of the technical expert groups on… Read More

COP 22 Closing, Carmen Capriles

Marrakech, Morocco (November, 18, 2016) – Carmen Capriles delivered the final intervention for the COP22, highlighting the key areas where Parties need to work on commitment and ambition. She stated for example, ““Women, youth and Indigenous peoples are telling you that unending growth, over-consumption and privatization entrench structural inequalities. As the climate stakes rise, women human… Read More

High Level Segment, Ipul Powaseu

Marrakech, Morocco (November, 17, 2016) – Ipul Powaseu of the Pacific Disability Network addressed the High Level Segment of the COP22, speaking on behalf of the WGC and sharing her own experiences. delivered the final intervention for the COP22, highlighting the key areas where Parties need to work on commitment and ambition. She shared, “I come… Read More

Ban Ki Moon Farewell Event, Kalyani Raj

Marrakech, Morocco (November, 17, 2016) – Kalyani Raj spoke at the farewell ceremony that civil society organized for the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon who leaves office at the end of this year. She thanked the UN Secretary-General for being a force behind significant policy changes. “Civil societies’ inclusion under your leadership has strengthened enormously and we are extremely happy… Read More

Joint Intervention at High Level Dialogue on Finance, Titilope Ngozi Akosa

Marrakech, Morocco (November, 16, 2016) – Ms. Titilope Ngozi Akosa, of the 21st Century Network delivered a joint intervention on Finance on behalf of Youth, Women and Gender, Farmers and Environmental NGO’s. The intervention including 4 key asks related to enhanced ambition, adaptation finance, and accounting measures. The groups also demanded that all climate finance be 100%… Read More

Facilitative dialogue on enhancing ambition and support, Nanna Birk

Marrakech, Morocco (November, 16, 2016) – Nanna Birks from LIFE underlined the importance that especially developed countries must raise ambition, through both mitigation actions and the provision of finance & technology. In this regard she reminded parties that the Doha Amendment still hasn’t been ratified and that urgent action is inevitable. She concluded by stressing that “ambitious and… Read More

SBSTA 45 Closing, Daisy Emoekabu

Marrakech, Morocco (November, 14, 2016) – Daisy Emoekabu delivered the intervention on the 45th session of the SBSTA and stressed her deep concern about marked based mechanism. “We vehemently reject the inclusion of land use in carbon markets. We are particularly upset about the proposals for an international offsetting mechanism for the emissions produced by the aviation… Read More

SBI 45 Closing, Daniela Rangel

Marrakech, Morocco (November, 14, 2016) – Daniela Rangel from Gender Equity in Mexico, on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency, welcomed in the closing of the 45th Session of the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI) the prolongation of the Lima Work Program. She underlined that the Decision on Gender and Climate Change on Agenda item 16… Read More

COP 22 Opening, Hawa Nibi Amenga-Etego

Marrakech, Morocco (November, 8, 2016) – Hawa Nibi Amenga-Etego delivered the WGC’s opening address to the COP, stating that “While the agreement in Paris may represent a starting point for collective action– the terms are still unclear, the ambition is too low, and the rights of peoples, the ecosystem and the planet have not been secured…. Read More

APA 1-2 Opening, Nkiruka Nnaemego

Marrakech, Morocco (November, 7, 2016) – Nkiruka Nnaemego focused the opening intervention of the APA on NDC implementation, raising concerns that current NDCs are inadequate to meet the objectives of the Paris agreement and fail to respect the principles of the convention, in particular CBDR. Additionally, the intervention reiterated that NDCs should include not only elements… Read More

SBSTA 45 Opening, Gertrude Kenyangi

Marrakech, Morocco (November, 7, 2016) – Gertrude Kenyangi, for the opening of the SBSTA, raised concerns about the Sustainable Development Mechanism mandated under the Paris Agreement, noting that previous market-based mechanisms developed under the UNFCCC have failed to reduce GHG emissions and have often caused human and women’s rights violations as well as other environmental harms…. Read More

SBI 45 Opening, Mabel Monica Agba

Marrakech, Morocco (November, 7, 2016) -Mabel Monica Agba, delivered the opening of the SBI addressing three specific agenda items, the extension of the Lima Work Programme on Gender, with a call for the establishment of a Gender Action Plan, capacity building, the composition of the Paris Committee on Capacity Building (PCCB) and National Adaptation Plans. Mabel… Read More

ACE Workshop on Article 6 of the Convention (Doha Work Programme)

BONN, Germany (May 27, 2016) – Majandra Alejandra Rodriquez Acha, of WEDO, participated on behalf of the WGC in the ACE Workshop on Article 6 of the Convention (Doha Work Programme). Some of the issues the WGC highlighted included: Ensure balance between all elements of Article 6 (we are leaving public participation and public access to information behind)… Read More

APA 1 Closing, Olfa Jalessi, May 2016

BONN, Germany (May 26, 2016) – Olfa Jalessi, of GenderCC, in a closing intervention under the APA, insisted on the urgency of transforming the Paris Agreement into efficient climate action, and how integrating gender in all climate actions will help us improve their efficiency, thus helping raise the ambition and accelerate the process. She stated, “every time we… Read More

SBI 44 Closing, Shaila Shadid, May 2016

BONN, Germany (May 26, 2016) – Shaila Shadid, of the Gender and Water Alliance in Bangladesh, in a closing intervention for the SBI congratulated the Secretariat on a very engaging and inclusive 2-day workshop on gender-responsive climate policy, which produced a wide variety of recommendations and saw the participation of many Parties. She also recognized progress made by Parties… Read More

SBSTA 44 Closing, Shaila Shahid, May 2016

BONN, Germany (May 26, 2016) – Shaila Shadid, of the Gender and Water Alliance in Bangladesh, in a closing intervention for the SBSTA addressed that women’s capacity building, contributions, and leadership are central to finding a solution to achieve the principles of Paris Agreement. In order to bring about a paradigm shift towards climate resilient development pathways, globally… Read More

Intervention on Warsaw Mechanism on Loss & Damage, Shaila Shahid, May 2016

BONN, Germany (May 24, 2016) – Shaila Shadid, of the Gender and Water Alliance in Bangladesh, spoke on the need to improve the capacities of vulnerable groups and to take a gender-sensitive approach in activities that address loss and damage in relation to disaster and climate change. Loss and damage cannot be measured only in terms of physical… Read More