Gender Just Climate Solutions

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  • Description of the project: Aware of climate change challenges and concerned about fair climate justice, ADFM works for an effective participation of women in the development and implementation of efficient policies to strengthen women environmental and socio-economic rights at national and territorial levels. ADFM accompanied 11 local municipalities for the creation of an “Equality, Equal Opportunities and Gender Approach” advisory body in four provinces (Ouarzazate, Zagora, Midelt and Tinghir). This read more…

    Years: 2017
    Countries: Morocco
    Tindite ⵜⵉⵏⴷⵉⵜ تينديت, caïdat de Tindite, cercle d'Outat El Haj, Province de Boulemane إقليم بولمان, Fez-Meknes, Morocco
  • Description of the project: This pioneering project explores options for integrating gender and social aspects into urban climate policies in six pilot cities. It seeks to build capacity at local level and develop gender-responsive policy recommendations, in order to strengthen citizens’ ability to become involved in urban planning processes and implementation, and to enhance the effectiveness, inclusiveness and acceptance of mitigation and adaptation policies. It was launched in 2015, in read more…

    Years: 2017
    Countries: International
  • Description of the project: Grainothèque, set up in the Western part of Ivory Coast, works on preserving and exploring the genetic diversity and reproduction of local feeding plants through organic seed banks as well as improving access to information. Tools and technical notes explaining production techniques, pollination, botanical classification, isolation, harvesting, seed stocking and feeding properties are made available to women. An android application provides technical help to producers in read more…

    Years: 2017
    Countries: Ivory Coast
    Lomo sud, Bélier, Lacs, Côte d'Ivoire
  • Description of the project: Bike Anjo is an online platform promoting safe and secure riders who can teach and bike alongside beginners. Bike Anja is one of its projects, focusing on women learning to bike in São Paulo. The city road planning (intense flow of cars and reckless drivers) impose several barriers to beginner cyclists, especially women who also experience street harassment. Volunteers, through monthly workshops, teach beginners to pedal, read more…

    Years: 2017
    Countries: Brazil
    Varjão de Minas, Microrregião Paracatu, Mesorregião Noroeste de Minas, Minas Gerais, Southeast Region, Brazil
  • Description of the project: The main objective of this project is to combat light poverty by providing affordable quality solar lights to rural and peri-urban households relying on increasingly expensive kerosene. Five local women have been trained to raise awareness and sell solar lights. They offer flexible payment models to ensure everyone’s access to the lights, including the poorest households in the villages. 650 households in 10 villages (approx. 3250 read more…

    Years: 2017
    Countries: Madagascar
    Ikalamavony, Matsiatra Ambony, Province de Fianarantsoa, Madagascar